About Ferguson Jewellery Co.

Learn more about our goldsmith, our ring design process, and our guarantee to you.

The Goldsmith

Sean Ferguson developed an early interest in jewellery making. He enjoyed countless hours in his youth watching his father's goldsmiths forge precious metal. This fascination led to a ten-year apprenticeship. His time was spent honing his skills under the tutelage of several European Master Goldsmiths. The desire to achieve excellence led Sean out west to join one of Vancouver's top award-winning designer jewellery studios. Here Sean underwent 4 years of intense training. He focused on the fine art of platinum crafting and fabricating high-end jewellery. It then seemed like a good idea to return to Alberta, have a family and establish Ferguson Jewelry Co. in 1999. Sean now specializes in custom ring designs for engagements, weddings, and special occasions.


The Process


Ferguson Jewellery Co. is a small shop (In fact it's only one or two of us), but we pack a fair sized punch in Calgary's jewellery scene. Our low overhead also helps us to be extremely competitive. Being born into a jewellery family has helped us to be very aware of the needs and desires of our clientele. There are several common concerns when considering purchasing custom jewellery.

The word "custom" often suggest high costs; clients may think "will I like the finished product?" or "does the designer understand what I want"? Here you won't talk to a salesperson, who tells a designer, who then tells the Goldsmith - too much is lost along the way. At Ferguson Jewellery Co. you talk directly to the goldsmith, who will take you through a step by step process to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.


First there is an initial consultation, with a few rough sketches. This is followed by either a more exacting sketch or 3-d computer rendering. We then follow up with a hand carved or computer carved wax mold (depending on the degree of difficulty). We always use hand-crafting and calibration techniques to ensure beautiful, strong, long-lasting and precise pieces of jewellery. These pieces are generally more substantial, and thus much more durable than the mass produced counterpart.

At Ferguson Jewellery Co. we adhere to the age old adage - you get what you pay for. Mass produced rings from repeat molds and much of the jewellery that most retailers carry, are often fraught with imperfections. Often, the untrained eye can miss these imperfections at first glance. These rings are also frequently Rhodium plated to look whiter. Rhodium does wear off relatively quickly, which produces a yellowing effect. Hollowing out backs of rings is another method used by the retailers to keep costs down. This can cause rashes and ridges that can sometimes cut into your finger or collect bacteria. Extra heavy rings are the exceptions. We often hollow heavier for comfort only.


When you give us the go-ahead, our turn around time can be from three to six weeks. This is the time it takes to produce a beautiful, unique, professionally finished piece of jewellery. You can expect wait times up to eight weeks (or longer if it's complicated eg. hand engraving) during our busy season. What is eight weeks compared to a lifetime of wear? As for retail sales, we try to keep that to a minimum. Fergusons carries very little live merchandise, so we have fewer theft worries than most shops. We also prefer to keep everything fresh and original.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and INTERACT. Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques.


The Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee on diamonds, but not custom work. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services, so we will do everything in our power to make you happy.


  • Your family heirloom will be well cared for at Ferguson Jewellery.
  • Our workmanship on new rings against any flaws or damage on our part.(Although this has rarely been an issue since we opened in 1999.).
  • Ferguson Jewellery Co. will do whatever is in our power to keep you a happy customer who keeps coming back and continues to recommend us.

We do not guarantee, but however, have been very successful in upgrading previously bought diamonds to sizes often past our client's expectations(we can generally meet or exceed our competition in this regard).

Though we cannot guarantee it, Ferguson's has been very successful in the resale, consignment, and(or) reimbursement of diamonds purchased through us.

We do not guarantee beating someone else's price - but if the other guy's diamond is as accurately graded as ours, we will sure try to beat it (and we usually succeed). Another reason we may not be able to match another jewellers price is that the diamond may have been bought second hand at a lower than market price.

Some people don't have a problem with buying used, but there are few ways to tell the diamond's history - what country it originated(blood diamonds) if the stone was sold as the result of a bad relationship, etc.

Because we are relatively small, Fergusons can actually use common sense to maintain our customer satisfaction - again, we will do everything in our power to make you a happy client. And because of this, we thankfully generate much of our traffic through referrals.