Engagement Rings

All engagement rings were custom made to order.

Our custom engagement rings can start very affordable - higher prices are reflected in the cost of labor and materials. Our clients may purchase gemstones and diamonds from us - as well any previously purchased gemstones and diamonds can be re-used to create your brand new rings. You may also re-use your old yellow gold for great savings. White golds and platinum should be new fresh metal. Metal imperfections may occur from using some old gold. We offer credit or cash for any extra gold left over. It is possible to add a small piece of a sentimental ring to brand new jewelry. Be sure to give us plenty of time to make your creations - while not common, occasionally mistakes happen - maybe it's the wrong gold, or perhaps the design or engraving is a bit off. We need enough time to correct these just in case - 6 months lead time is preferable, 1 or 2 months is possible but then there is very little room for error. 

Calgary Goldsmith Sean Ferguson