The first ring resizing for your new Custom Ring is FREE

. This includes rings that have been engraved.

We offer ring sizing on most rings in 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 20k, 22k golds in white, rose, yellow, and even Platinum rings.


Many of the more yellowish white golds such as 14k and 18k can require rhodium plating

which is an additional cost. 19k white gold does not require this tough coating.

There are several metals that cannot be sized.

We do not offer sizing for tungsten, titanium, palladium, cobalt, ceramic, or stainless steel.


Finding your ring size is very simple.

Measure the inside diameter of an existing ring with a millimetre ruler. Then find that measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart. If you don’t have a ring to use, try this:

Cut a strip of paper or piece of dental floss.

Wrap around your finger on the widest part of the knuckle. Mark with a pen or felt marker. Lay it out straight and measure the distance with the millimeter ruler. Find the finger size using our ring sizing chart below.

Often people are surprised to find that their ring size is similar to their shoe size.

Everyone seems to have different preferences as to ring tightness. Some people like them fairly tight and struggle a bit to get it off. Other people like their rings a bit looser.

We recommend not tight enough to create redness or swelling,

not loose enough to slip off easily while washing your hands.

A note to pregnant women.

Please, please, please remember to take off the rings and store somewhere safe at 6 months or sooner. Many rings have had to be cut off because of sudden swelling. We offer this service of course.

Chart showing inside ring diameter as related to your finger size.